Online Auction Network

Online Auction Features

Our online auction features are state-of-the-art. We will create a webpage for you where you can invite people to place bids and donations for an online auction. If you hold a live event auction as well then all bids are recorded. We offer an accessible, easy to use, comprehensible service with so many other advantages too, such as:


Cutting-edge online auction solution covers the entire globe meaning that you get coverage which is second to none. We understand that the more people who have access to your online auction then the better your chances are of reaching your fundraising target. As long as your users have data service then they can access your online auction. What’s more it can be accessed securely on any internet-capable device so that no one will get left out.


Our online auction system is designed to be used in parallel with our silent auction. They both are running on the same backend system which makes them fully synchronized. Any bids or donations made in the online auction will have immediate effect on the silent auction and vice versa, making it possible to run a single auction for a wider audience with no hassle. Your guests will be able to participate prior the event and then continue once they have arrived at the venue without having to register again.

API Integration

Planning to implement online auction on your high-traffic, well known website? We can provide our platform-neutral API that can be easily integrated to your own system, allowing you to accept bids and donations directly from your website, easily and with complete peace of mind. You will get the full advantage of all of our online auction features and our accessible, secure user experience.

Full Control

Monitor the progress of your auction activities on a clear and intuitive screen in real-time.

Online Auction Admin Panel